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While the bulk of this site is my own research and work, the Joan Baez portion has had significant help from several people who I would like to offer a heartfelt line or two (sorry, Joan)!

While I enjoy getting email about Joan,
I find that I don't have the answers
to many of the really hard questions you ask.
Since I will end up forwarding them to Jim Stewart anyway,
you might as well ask him directly at!

Jim Stewart for his substantial help and generosity in supplying recordings and information. He has helped me and countless others understand the strange complexities of the Joan Baez discography.

The members of the Joan Baez mailing list who have contributed in many ways, especially to the Video/Film list. This list was compiled by Cal Rice

Melvin Belton for sharing his collection's index and providing cut lists for collection albums that I don't have.

Cary Bernard for helping with typing album information.

While Mel and Cary provided substantial help on setting up the discography at this site, when Nancy updated the discography at the offical JB site, we all agreed it was unnecessary and counter-productive to finish this project.

Eric Buckley for contributing the page on the hard-to-find songs.

Nancy Lutzow for providing some information AND for keeping The Joan Baez Web Pages such a fresh and interesting resource. Reviewers indicated that the box set, Rare, Live, and Classic, is the model for a retrospective box set. The Joan Baez Web Pages are the model for an artist's web pages, in my opinion.

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