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This is a listing of books and other miscellaneous items of interest to the Judy Collins collector.

Judy Collins Concert Souvenir Publication - 1968

Text by Michael Thomas, Photographs by Jackie Paull, Design by Zacks & Perrier

Additional Photography by Peter Polymenakos (cover), William S. Harvey, Keith Holzman, Julie Snow, Guy Webster, and Joel Brodsky

24 pages, 10x14 inches white glossy covers. Front cover with a black and white portrait and blank rear cover.

Life Magazine cover story May 2, 1969. Includes five black and white images inside.

'I've looked at life from both sides now' an interview with Judy Collins

The Judy Collins Songbook - 1969 - Grosset & Dunlap songbook

"with comments, instructions and personal reminiscences by Judy Collins", music arranged and edited by Herbert Haufrecht, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 55 songs, 255 pp.(2nd printing, December 1969), LC: 77-86683. Later editions apparently carried an ISBN: 0-448-01918-3.

Save The Children - Compiled and Edited by Winston G. Potter, with the Editorial Assistance of Kent Garland Burtt, Foreword by Judy Collins. The Chatham Press, Riverside, CT, Distributed by Viking Press, New York - 1972

Judy writes about children and supporting a child in Dar es Salaam. She concludes by saying, "...They are all our children, just as the earth is home for us all. We have nowhere else to go." This was dated June 9, 1972

Crawdaddy Magazine Interview - 1972 October

This article by Peter Knobler is an in-depth interview and discussion with Judy at the height of her career.

Ms Magazine Article - 1973 April

This article by Cynthia MacDonald includes the poem "11572 Mississippi Avenue" which was written for Stacy Keach on his birthday, June 2, 1971. It also includes sheet music for "Secret Gardens." The article is another good overview of Judy's life. Judy appeared on the cover.

High Fidelity Magazine Article "Judy Collins and the Art of Transition" April, 1977, by Susan Elliott

Cover headline: "How Judy Collins Stays On Top"

Judy Collins: Bread & Roses Songbook - 1977 - Warner Bros.

Judy Collins by Vivian Claire - 1977 - Music Sales Corp. - ISBN 082563914X

This loving portrait by an articulate fan is very interesting. It only follows Judy's career through Bread and Roses but provides some insight (and speculation) into Judy's early career. It contains many black and white photographs, although the reproduction is not always the best quality. It contains a discography. While the text states that Bread and Roses has not yet gone gold, the discography hopefully lists it as such. The discography in Judy's autobiography, Trust Your Heart does not indicate that Bread and Roses ever went gold. Perhaps if it were still available on CD, it would be!

This Is The Day - A Judy Collins Anthology - 1981 - Big 3 Music Corporation - 216 pages with photos

Trust Your Heart - 1987 - Houghton, Mifflin book

Trust Your Heart, an autobiography ISBN 0-395-41285-4 Discography, p. 271-275 (includes exact release dates, album and track titles, and "Certified Gold" and dates for six albums. The record label is NOT identified.)

Judy Collins Anthology . . . trust your heart - 1988 - 192 pages and a few photos

Amsco Publications distributed by Beekman Publishers, Woodstock, NY. Arranged and edited by Frank Metis. US ISBN 0.8256.2533.5, UK ISBN 0.7119.1490.7

This Is The Day – A Judy Collins Anthology (1989, The Big 3 Music Corporation, New York City)

This 216 page, soft cover anthology contains words, music and Judy’s personal comments for 45 songs from throughout her career, with emphasis on songs recorded between 1976 and 1980. In addition, the book contains 13 pages of photos, many of them never published elsewhere. On the front and back cover are the two Scavullo shots from the Judith album. This description is from Phil Saviano. It does not match with the above book, but it also doesn't make sense that there would be two books so similar that are also so different. This needs clarification. Perhaps the later printings shortened the book? My copy was purchased recently.

My Father by Judy Collins, Pictures by Jane Dyer - 1989

A children's book setting Judy's song to pictures. Little, Brown, and company. ISBN 0-316-15228-5 (hard cover) 0-316-15238-2 (paperback)

Amazing Grace - 1991 - Hyperion, New York, ISBN 156282998X (hardcover) 1-56282-877-0 (paperback)

Judy Collins wrote the nine page introduction. It is cataloged in the Library of Congress under John Newton. This book reproduces six verses of the hymn, lined out one line per two-page spread with photographs of churches, sharcroppers, and others. A beautiful book. The text and verses are the same as on the talking book.

Shameless (A Novel) - 1995

Pocket Books (hard cover) ISBN 0-671-89233-9 Pocket Star Books ISBN: 0-448-01918-3

Also, Please note HCA280 Voices -1995 - (the album) also includes a songbook and a memoir.

Two books of interest that have commentary by and about Judy:

Also note that Squall Line by Judy Collins is by a different Judy Collins from the Pacific Northwest. It is a nice book of poems, but by a different author.

A Review of Judy at Glendale's Alex Theatre from 1996

San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune: "Wrapping Christmas Presents with Judy Collins" by Teresa Mariani

Judy Collins Concert Souvenir Publication - 1998

Published by Rocky Mountain Productions - Designed by Louis Nelson Associates - Available on Judy's Web Site

Follow The Music - by Jac Holzman and Gavan Daws - 1998, First Media

This absolutely marvellous book is an insiders' look into the formative years of Elektra Records from it's inception through its sale to Warner Brothers. There is a lot of Judy Collins information in this book. The book has its own web site. On the web site, Wildflower's album cover made it into Jac's top twelve album covers.

An interview with Tom Rush on the Joni Mitchell web pages with some Judy content.

Singing Lessons - 1998 Pocket Books

This book details Judy's coming to grips with her son's suicide. Coupled with Trust Your Heart, these two books provide an outstanding insight into Judy the person.

This book comes with a four-cut CD.

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