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This is a listing of recordings in which Judy Collins has made a contribution and not merely included a copy of her library material. There are no catalog numbers here as material keeps appearing all the time.

Newport Folk Festival 1963 Evening Concerts II - 1963 - Vanguard 79149

I'm not sure if there is any unique material on this album any longer. It may have been re-released on the Live At Newport recordings.

Folksong ’65 Elektra 15th Anniversary Commemorative Album - 1965 - Elektra Records (# S-8)

A sampler of 12 cuts from such Elektra artists as Tom Rush, Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs. Contains only one cut by Judy, “So Early in the Spring.” The cover features 1.5 inch square photos of Judy, Tom Rush, Tom Paxton and others.

Save The Children: Songs From the Hearts of Women - 1967 - Women Strike for Peace Records W-001

Produced by Judy Collins and Ethel Raim Dunson, May 1967 for Women Strike For Peace - Cover illustration by Kaethe Kollwitz, Mother with Children, 1932

"This record was born out of a great frustration. What can we do as women to save the children, to stop the slaughter? We refuse to accept war with breakfast and atrocities with the evening meal. We ask with this record that you do all within your power to END ALL WARS." --- Judy Collins and Ethel Raim Dunson, May 1967

A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Vol. 1 1968 Columbia KC-31171

A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, Vol. 2 1970 Warner Bros. BS-2586 26036-2 (1989) 26036-4 (1989)

Excerpts from the 1968 and 1970 memorial concerts held in New York and Los Angeles. Guthrie's songs performed by Judy Collins and others.

White Lightnin’ Fresh Air - Ray and Ramsey LP 1970 - (Polydor 24-4027) LP

Obray Ramsey and Byard Ray sing vocals and play fiddle and banjo, while Eric Andersen plays harmonica, and Judy sings harmony on this rare recording of Bob Dylan’s song:

The Bitter End Years - 1974 Roxbury Records (Thanks, Blair Leatherwood)

Bleecker and MacDougal – The Folk Scene of the 1960’s - 1984 Elektra Records (60381-1-V) Four record boxed set.

This boxed set contains songs by such Elektra artists as Dave Van Ronk, Josh White, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Tom Rush and Judy Collins. The boxed set comes with a beautifully written and designed 20 page booklet, detailing the history of the New York City folk scene and Elektra’s part in it. It includes a full page photo of Judy with guitar, circa 1966 , that Phil has never seen elsewhere. This is a collectors item and a historical account that is well worth looking for!

Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber - Performance - 1985 - Telstar Records (Star 2262) England LP

This album contains songs by Judy, Elaine Paige, David Essex and others. These songs were recorded with the Philharmonia Orchestra, during the same period that Judy was in London recording the Amazing Grace album, also for Telstar.

The Stars of Christmas - ca 1986-1990 - "selected especially for Avon" LP is only known format

Sounds of the Holidays from Exxon - 1988 - RCA Special Products (DPK 1-0859)

This is a collection of holiday songs by such artists as Nat King Cole, Anne Murray and Julie Andrews

Inner Voices (by Richard Stolzman) 1989 Oct 3 RCA 7888-2-RC 7888-4-RC

Judy Collins: vocal (#1, #4 only), Richard Stoltzman: clarinet, Bill Douglas: piano, electric piano, Jeremy Wall: synthesizers, Eddie Gomez: bass, Nancy Allen: harp, Danny Gottlieb: drums, Richie Morales: drums

Harry Chapin Tribute - 1990 - Relativity 88561; 88561-1047-2 (CD); 88561-1047-4 (Cassette)

HCA200 Sanity and Grace and the Laserlight compilation HCC080 Wind Beneath My Wings contain this song. This is a live version and is different from the other two albums. Judy does a lovely introduction about the difficulties of having a family and being a troubadour.

Have You Seen Me Lately? - Carly Simon - 1990 Sep 25 - BMG/Arista 8650 (CD)

Sounds of the Holiday Season - 1990 - RCA Special Products / BMG Direct Marketing DPK1-0926 (Cassette)

Songs of the Civil War - 1991 - Columbia/ SONY 7464 48607 2 (CD)

The complete track list of this important compilation follows. This is a studio recording.

  1. Ashokan Farewell - Jay Unger And Molly Mason
  2. No More Auction Block For Me - Sweet Honey In The Rock
  3. Lincoln And Liberty - Ronnie Gilbert
  4. Liberty Bell, The - Ronnie Gilbert
  5. Dixie's Land - U. S. Military Academy Band
  6. Southern Soldier Boy - Kathy Mattea
  7. Aura Lee - John Hartford
  8. Rebel Soldier, The - Waylon Jennings
  9. Follow The Drinking Gourd - Richie Havens
  10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (John Browns Body) - Judy Collins
  11. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (instrumental) -U.S. Military Academy Band
  12. Was My Brother In The Battle
  13. Yellow Rose Of Texas, The - Hoyt Axton
  14. Run, Mourner, Run - Sweet Honey In The Rock
  15. Give Us A Flag - Richie Havens
  16. Shiloh - John Hartford
  17. Secesh, The - John Hartford
  18. Somebody's Darling - Kathy Mattea
  19. Old Unreconstructed, An - Kathy Mattea
  20. Vacant Chair, The - Kathy Mattea
  21. Better Times Are Coming - Kate And Anna McGarrigle
  22. Lorena - John Hartford
  23. Marching Through Georgia - Jay Unger And Molly Mason With Fiddle Fever
  24. Hard Times Come Again No More - Kate And Anne McGarrigle
  25. Oh, I'm A Good Old Rebel - Hoyt Axton
  26. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again (vocal) - Ronnie Gilbert
  27. Taps - U. S. Military Academy Band

Holiday Music 1992 Collection - 1992 - Winston Cigarettes - RCA Special Products / BMG Direct Marketing - DPK2-1037

Rare, Live, and Classic Joan Baez - 1993 - Vanguard 1570 72527 2 (3CD)

From Save The Children, above. This is a good-quality stereo recording. I wish someone would re-release the entire Save The Children.

Happy Holidays, Vol. 28 - 1993 - RCA Special Products / BMG Direct Marketing DPC1-1107 (CD)

The copy I have has a True Value Hardware logo on the front and a Salvation Army shield with a note that says, "A portion of the proceeds will be contributed to the Salvation Army."

These probably will show up in many guises. These Christmas 'Special Projects' releases remind me of a CBS Special Projects Christmas LP from many years ago. It was issued both as "Christmas in New York" and "Christmas in California." I picked up the latter a few years ago at a garage sale and I thought I had something new. I was surprised when the cuts were identical to the New York one my folks had bought in probably the early to mid '60's. The covers were totally different! The Ansel Adams photo of Yosemite in the snow was worth the garage-sale price!

P P M & (LifeLines) - 1995 - Warner 9362 45851 2 (CD)

A Cathedral Chrismastide Private Church Release - 1994 - The Cathedral of St. John The Divine, New York City

The Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine, Johnson Flucker, Director; Dorothy Papadakos, Organist

"I do!" "Me too!" - 1997 December - Pro Organo CD7098

Dorothy Papadakos & Friends from the Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine, New York City

This is a wonderful recording of interfaith wedding music from New York's "House of Prayer for All People."

Available from the Cathedral Shop
1047 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025

Grateful - The Songs of John Bucchino - 2000 - RCA Victor 09026 63594-2 (CD)

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