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Original lacquer recording on an Audiodisk 7-inch blank (actually oversized). This has typewritten labels that state "Elektra Records," "45 rpm Mono," and "Joan Baez/Judy Collins" on each side. It contains:

This is not a copy of "Golden Thread" from Save The Children: Songs From the Hearts of Women. That recording uses acoustic guitars. This is more electric. My guess is that it might slightly pre-date the 1967 release of Save The Children but that is only a wild guess based on listening and inferring many things. What does this record imply? Was there an abandoned joint album project? 

For those who want to hear a sample, the only widely-available sample is from Save The Children and has been re-released on Rare, Live & Classic the Joan Baez boxed set. It is Donovan's "Legend Of A Girl Child Linda" and Mimi Fariña joins Joan and Judy on that cut.

Judy Collins/Special Radio LP - 1969? - Elektra JC-1 (LP: Stereo One Side, Mono Other Side; Same selections each side)

This has the same cover art as Judy [HCC011] Elektra DS-500

Judy Collins, an Audio Discography Vol II - 1979 Jun 1 - Elektra Promo 6-1-79 (LP only)

Conversations with Martin Perlich and song excerpts are included on this hour-long radio station promo release on LP.

Star Track Profiles Pop Concerts – Judy Collins -1988- (A 2 record set produced by Westwood One Radio Networks, # PS 88-37 , not commercially available) Not indexed in the song index.

This is from the concerts recorded at the Tarreytown Music Hall on June 10, 1988. This LP set can sometimes be found through dealers advertising in such record collector publications as Goldmine. Some of these songs were later released on Judy’s Sanity and Grace [HCA200] LP.

In addition to all the songs featured on that LP , this 2 record set also includes:

Shooting Star (1984) - A Mystery

This was to be the title song of Judy’s last Elektra LP release, which was changed at the last minute to be named Home Again and include the duet of that song with T.G. Sheppard which was released as a single. In Europe, cassettes and albums are still titled Shooting Star, although the song was dropped in favor of “Home Again.” There is reason to believe that somewhere in Elektra’s vaults is a recording of a song called “Shooting Star,” a song once thought good enough to be the title song of an album.

Time and a Place to Grow - A Mystery Acetate

Sung by Judy Collins. No information is available, except printing on the back which says “Institute of Life Insurance, with the cooperation of the Health Insurance Institute." From Phil Saviano. Not indexed in Song List.

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