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The intent of this page is to answer some questions that people may have about Judy's life without being too intrusive. The best place to get information is from the now out-of-print autobiography Trust Your Heart. Also, the book that comes with the Voices CD is quite interesting as well.

Judy's Marriage to Louis Nelson

One of the "Weddings Of The Year," Judy married Louis Nelson, an industrial designer, at the Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine in New York City on April 16, 1996. This was after they had been together for 18 years (to the day), meeting at a fundraiser for the Equal Rights Ammendment. Leonard Cohen sent the couple two dozen roses and a note that said, "I love you. It's about time." One guest commented, "It was the marriage of two souls who have risen above the pain of life and reminded us all to do the same." There is a wonderful article and photograph in The New York Times, Sunday, April 21, 1996 (from which part of this is taken).

"Collins Takes Up Diana's Cause" [Land Mines]

A widely-distributed article (my copy came from the Lancaster, PA, Intelligencer Journal Sept 5, 1997) states, "Following in Princess Diana's footsteps, singer-songwriter Judy Collins campaigned Thursday in Sarajavo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to ban land mines. 'This was one of Diana's last efforts,' Collins said. 'I think that her tragic death will underline, highlight some of the things that se was most interested in, of course, keeping land mines in the forefront.' ... Collins visisted Bosnia for the first time in 1994...as a representative of UNICEF. This week's three-day tour also is sponsored by UNICEF."

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