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“All your files are just where you left them” EXCEPT the ones in AppData (Win 10 rebuild)

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I had a bit of an issue with a Win10 upgrade from Win7 for my wife’s laptop. Nothing short of a full reload of Win10 would stop FileExplorer from resetting and restarting every few seconds. This did not allow me to use Control Panel, either. Settings worked.

So, it told me that it removed Thunderbird and Firefox.

It ALSO removed all the AppData files (like all of her email). (more…)


Windows 10 upgrade–a bunch of thoughts and experiences

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Here is a rambling discussion of my experiences and thoughts on the Windows 10 upgrade experience. I am now happy that I’ve done it. I’m still learning about it, but work is progressing with few (if any) glitches. Cutting to the chase: a worthwhile upgrade at the right price with few downsides. (more…)


Open Source software…and other tools II

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This is the second installment of my open-ended quest for great software. The previous (and inaugural) article is here.

The excitement is that the current version of LibreOffice has removed a good deal of the startup sluggishness. While still not as fast as MS Office 2003, remember with LibreOffice, you are starting the whole suite essentially. There is an option to load it at startup, which I do not use. (more…)


Open Source software…and other tools

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I have been having a lot of fun recently looking for specific software tools that avoid having to purchase multiple licenses of the high-priced programs. Here are a list of my picks of free and low-cost software tools. I am sticking with Samplitude Professional for audio and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for photo-graphics. The other alternatives, however, are wide open. (more…)

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