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AMP Services in Florida can rebuild motors, lap heads, has parts stock, and lists a capability of repairing Sony and Studer professional tape decks. In 2012-09  they repaired some Dolby units for Art Shifrin and he was very happy, which is the basis for this listing.

A. F. (Fred) Thal at ATAE (email) North American Studer specialist reconditioning and re-manufacturing type A80, A820 and A827 master recorders for professional applications, California

Athan can provide parts for tape machines. They specialize in pinch rollers and motors.John Austin at Sprague Magnetics — Tape heads, tape recorder parts, California

ES Labs in Connecticut is noted for their thorough servicing of Nakamichi cassette decks.

John French at JRF Magnetic Sciences — Tape heads, rebuilding, special projects, New Jersey — now includes all heads formerly sold by Joe Dundovic’s Magnetic Head Company

Roger Ginsley (email) for factory authorized Studer service and support, Toronto, Canada

Jay McKnight’s Magnetic Reference Lab — Audio test tapes, information resource (on original Watergate tape panel), California

Ontario Audio-Video Service — Digital and analog (cassette) recorder repair in the Greater Toronto Area. PH–905-791-2020 FX–905-791-2121 TOLL FREE–888-791-2899 Speak with Rick

Greg Orton of Flux Magnetics provides perhaps the finest new heads available, California

Precision Motor Works can provide some tape machine parts, accessories, and motor rebuilding, Massachusetts

Mike Spitz at ATR Services in York, PA supplies remanufactured Ampex ATR-100 machines and repairs other brands.

For magnetic viewer information, please see this article.

For information on splicing tools and supplies, please see this article.

Precision European Hand Tools for Studer (and other) maintenance.

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