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About this site

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This portion of the website ( ) is where I collect a variety of information about media restoration, with a focus on audio tape. This portion of the website is hopefully useful to answer some of the questions that might come up as you attempt to transfer difficult tapes. Care and creativity are the keys to doing this work successfully. There may not be one “right answer” to any given question, but a range of tradeoffs that might work.

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented at this site, nor can I be responsible if the information causes you to make an error. I attempt to post articles that I believe to be accurate and useful, but errors can creep in — both errors of transcription as well as errors of comprehension. If you think any page on this site is in error, let’s discuss it.

Briefly, my background is:
B.S. St. John’s University in Communications (1973)
Audio-Video Systems Engineer, ABC Television, New York (1974-1981)
Director of Engineering (last position held), McCurdy Radio Industries, Toronto (1981-1983)
Principal Consultant (last position held, also Vice President, Senior Project Director, etc.)
National TeleConsultants, Glendale, California (1983-2004)
Owner, Vignettes Media, Aurora, Ontario (2004- )

Details about this part of the website:

This site is running in Word Press.

We have integrated the Formats & Resources pages with the Tips & Notes pages. This enables the internal search engine to search all pages in one pass. We have still kept two separate links as the site presents itself differently depending on which link is used to access it.

We have added jump links under the search box in the sidebar menues. The original Formats & Resources hierarchical page listing is now directly under the search box. The Tips & Notes blog categories, archives, and meta subsections are below that.

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