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Contact Information—How to get your tape restored

We provide high-quality transfers/copies
even from hard-to-play tapes.

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If you wish to contact us about a current or potential tape restoration project, the following does not pertain to you! Please go to our main contact page (click here). Thanks!

Many people have called me asking general questions about recording and audio, not about tape preservation and restoration. As an independent consultant, I must spend my time helping my current and potential clients. Although I'd love to offer gratis help to everyone in all aspects of recording, I unfortunately cannot afford the time that would require.

The answers to general questions about audio and recording may already be on my web site, however, so please check under:

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Broadcasting & Engineering pages | Photography pages

Both Restoration Tips & Notes and Media Formats & Resources have dedicated search engines.

Using my web site, here's another way to find answers to your audio questions: search the entire site by going to and using their site-specific search feature. Here's a sample search you might do on Google. In the search window, you'd type

 8-track cartridge

This search finds several pages on my site containing useful information about 8-track cartridges. If you typed only "8-track cartridge" without the "site:" info, Google would give you results from my web site along with thousands of other sites.
If you still want to ask me a general question about audio and recording, you are welcome to try via email. Depending on my workload, I cannot guarantee I'll be able to answer every inquiry, but I'll do my best. No answer simply means I'm swamped with previous commitments to clients.

I may want to include your question and my answer in my website blog called Restoration Tips & Notes. Ask me to include your name and email address, because others who read the blog may also be able to help you. If I respond to you via Restoration Tips & Notes, I'll send you an email pointing to the answer. Click here to email me.

Thanks and enjoy my website!


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