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While HCA300 Forever, an anthology is mostly a compilation, it does contain one new recording and three new songs. And, since it is considered a boxed set, I've listed it as Judy's 30th album on the Original Album Pages. There are notes there concerning how Forever overlaps the other major, available compilations.

There are a number of European-Only albums that are of interest for a variety of reasons that have not been included here. I have created a separate page in the supplemental discography for these as they appear rare and there was little need to list them in the song list as well.

These albums do not have any new material on them. Farewell To Tarwathie, Bread and Roses, and Special Deliverywere re-mixed for the two-record compilation HCC030/HCC031 So Early In The Spring. Farewell to Tarwathie was remixed with the whale sounds higher in the mix and with a wider frequency range. It is amazing to listen to the bottom end over a wide range sound system! There is a sound that appears on all the recordings that sounds almost like finger cymbals or something like that. It fades in and out and is constant at about 120 beats per minute when audible. Whatever it is, it must have been picked up by Dr. Payne's hydrophones. It is more audible in So Early In The Spring which prompted my earlier comment here about a 'click track.' Unfortunately, this wonderful compilation has never been reissued on CD and many of Judy's fans wish it would be!

Some of the recordings on the two Laserlight CD's may have been remixed between HCA180 Amazing Graceand HCA190 Trust Your Heart. At least some of the album notes indicate that Judy might have re-recorded her vocal tracks. This is not surprising as she mentions in her autobiography, Trust Your Heart, that she had a bad dose of the flu when she recorded HCA180 Amazing Grace in England in 1985. HCC080 Wind Beneath My Wings and HCC100 Sanity and Graceare the only easy way to find today the songs from HCA180 Amazing Grace, HCA190 Trust Your Heart,and HCA200 Sanity and Grace which are all long out of print. All of the music on the two Gold Castle releases (HCA190, HCA200) is contained on the two Laserlight releases (HCC080, HCC100). About 40% of HCC180 Amazing Grace is on HCA190 and is split across HCC080 and HCC100. Unfortunately, the wonderful version of Both Sides Now on HCC180 is not available on any compilation.

Although the notes in the Book Of The Month Club box set indicate that two versions of Marieke have been recorded (HCA090 Whales and Nightingales and HCA150 Running For My Life), the earlier version was used in the box set.

HCC010 Recollections - 1969 July - Elektra EKS-74055 (Stereo LP), 74055-2 (CD)

HCC011 Judy - 1969? - Elektra DS-500 (Stereo LP)

This has identical tracks to Recollections, but has different cover art and a very plain rear cover. I picked my copy up in about 1969 in a bargain bin in a drugstore.

HCC020 Colors of the Day, The Best of (Cert. Gold, 1974 Jan 22) - 1972 May 8 - Elektra EKS-75030 (Stereo LP), 75030-2 (CD), TC5-75030 (Cassette) In mid 1997, the CD was remastered and re-released. If ordering, please make sure to get the remastered version as the original CD was an early one and Elektra wanted to update its sound. This is even more important here than on Judith.

HCC030 So Early in the Spring, The First 15 Years - 1977 July 19 - Elektra 8E-6002 (Stereo 2LP)

HCC031 So Early in the Spring, The First 15 Years - 1977 July 19 - Elektra C2-6002 (Cassette)

HCC040 Most Beautiful Songs Of - 1979 - Exulta 62006 (Stereo 2LP)

This is not listed in the Trust Your HeartDiscography. Made in Germany. A product of Kinney Music GmbH Hamburg. The front cover has a picture of Judy holding some grapes. A complex 'halo' of red light surrounds her head. The rear cover shows black-and-white small-sized reproductions of the four original album covers. This apparently is a later, different version of the album. The original version has a long Appreciation, in German, and 5 black and white photos inside and an Ed Caraeff color photo on the cover, all showing her wearing a black velvet dress with colored, embroidered flowers, playing her guitar.

HCC050 Judy Collins (8 sides) - 1981 - Book of the Month Club Records BOMC 61-6462 (Stereo 4LP)

A very nice box set with an interesting arrangement of selections.

Side Title: Beginnings
Side Title: Beginnings
Side Title: Songs of Leonard Cohen
Side Title: Her Own Songs
Side Title: Love Songs
Side Title: Protest and Prayer
Side Title: Contemporary Songwriters
Side Title: Contemporary Songwriters

HCC060 Her Finest Hour - 1986 - Pair Records 1141 (Stereo 2LP)

This is not listed in the Trust Your HeartDiscography. This is a budget re-release of Golden Apples of the Sun (HCA020) and Fifth Album(HCA050) in a single record sleeve.

HCC070 Both Sides Now (European Release) - 1991 - Duchesse 352132 (CD)

This CD appears to have (I do not have a copy) better sound quality than the Duchesse Joan Baez releases.

HCC080 Wind Beneath My Wings - 1992 Feb 26 - Laserlight 15 451 (CD)

Noted as "Licensed from Gold Castle." This album (and HCC100 Sanity and Grace) provide all the material that was originally released on the now-defunct Gold Castle label. This contains material from HCA190 Trust Your Heart and HCA200 Sanity and Grace.

HCC090 Amazing Grace - 1993 - Elektra/Pickwick 9548-31616-2 (CD)

This title (according to some discographies) has also been used for a compilation album released in about 1985 with the following tracks: Someday Soon, Since You Asked, Both Sides Now, Sons Of, Suzanne, Farewell to Tarwathie, My Father, Albatross, In My Life and Amazing Grace.

DO NOT confuse this release with HCA180 by the same title. That is rare and wonderful.

HCC100 Sanity and Grace - 1995 - Laserlight 12 701 (CD)

Noted as "Licensed from Gold Castle." This album (and HCC080 Wind Beneath My Wings) provide all the material that was originally released on the now-defunct Gold Castle label. This contains material from HCA190 Trust Your Heart and HCA200 Sanity and Grace. Do not confuse this compilation HCC100 Sanity and Grace with the original Gold Castle HCA200 Sanity and Grace.

HCC300 Send in the Clowns - 1999 - Disky SI 248642 (CD)

This CD is a re-working of the QVC Both Sides Now two-CD set (HCA310) and contains selections from both the Classic Folk and Classic Broadway discs.

HCC350 All on a Wintry Night - 2000 - Wildflower Recirds WFL1297 (CD)

This is mostly a repackaging of HCA260 Come Rejoice! A Judy Collins Christmas - 1994 with the addition of the now out-of-print "Wexford Carol" from the 1994 Cathedral of St. John the Divine CD, A Cathedral Chrismastide "In the Bleak Midwinter" is also new.

HCC400 The Very Best of Judy Collins - 2001 - Elektra 74374 (CD)

This CD is notable as it includes the single version of Chelsea Morning.

HCC420 Judy Collins 36 Greatest Hits 3 CD Set - 2002 - www.timelessmusic.com Warner Special Products 0-1130-17095-23 (CD)

Disk One Disk Two Disk Three

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