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This page describes albums released in Europe that have different art or collections of songs but do not contain any new material. Some European compilation releases are listed in the main sequence if it was available in the USA or showed up in old USA catalogs.

Judy Collins – No. 2 1965? Le Chant de Monde (LDX-S-74333) France (Thanks Phil Saviano)

This album is the French release of “Judy Collins Fifth Album.” The songs are the same, but there are detailed notes, in French, about each song. The cover is a B&W photo of Judy playing the guitar. It looks like it was shot circa 1965 .

Judy Collins - No Date - Le Chant de Monde (LDX74745/74746) France (Thanks Morvan Gerard)

This is a two-record set that contains Judy Collins #3 (74745) and Judy Collins Fifth Album (74746) in one two-record collection. There's also a booklet with the lyrics of the songs in English with French translations) and a French translation of a Richard Fariña poem about Judy. The cover of the album is a painting of Judy by Gérard Hautducoeur.

Judy Collins – Lo Mejor De Elektra (HKS 541-02) Spain (Thanks Phil Saviano)

This album contains 11 cuts pulled from Judy’s first 8 US albums. The packaging is very unusual. The front cover is the same cover as the In My Life album, and the back cover is the same as the back cover of the Wildflowers album. However, the songs and musician credits are all listed in Spanish. Both Sides Now becomes “Por Los Dos Lados” and Hard Loving Loser becomes “Frustrado Enamorado.”

Blue Raincoat – 1980 - Album Globe Stereo AG-5312

This album contains just seven cuts, taken from Living [HCA 100], four on the first side and three on the second. The timings are in error. This album has a picture of a woman (could be Judy) in profile with a blue raincoat and a blue and white umbrella. On the rear it states, "The illustrations are a commercial concept for this album. Therefore we are unable to say that the illustrations represent a completely accurate presentation of the recording artist as he has or does now appear. The album may contain previously recorded material."

I've been told of another version that appears to have the same cuts in the same sequence, but the label and jacket have them listed in different order, also with erroneous timings. This other version is Judy Collins - Song For Judith Platinum PLP 15/24016 (1985) and appears to be from Germany. The sequence for that album jacket/label is indicated by the numbers in parenthesis following the song. The cover has a glossy picture of Judy holding a microphone and singing and wearing a shirt of various lavender and purple shades with sleeves just below the elbow. There is a big head of a red-eyed, silver beaked eagle in the upper right. The back has the program and in smaller print at the bottom a list of 50 albums in the PLP series (PLP1-PLP50). The sequence for that album jacket/label is indicated by the numbers in parenthesis following the song. However, let me reiterate, the vinyl is as shown for the Blue Raincoat album. Thanks to Rich Roehrdanz for information on the Platinum release.

Judy Collins – Both Sides Now 1981 Pickwick Records (# SHM 3061) England LP (Thanks Phil Saviano)

This vinyl LP contains 12 cuts pulled from Judy’s In My Life, Wildflowers, and WKWTTG albums. The cover photo is an extreme close-up of Judy’s face, in color, a photo I’ve never seen elsewhere. I now have a still-sealed copy of this album.

Folk Festival Time Wind Records (F 50002) Germany (Thanks Phil Saviano)

A compilation of 15 songs by such artists as Pete Seeger, Odetta, Theodore Bikel. Includes one cut by Judy, Bonnie Ship the Diamond. Cover photo, in color, is Judy in concert playing the guitar.

Judy Collins – The Dealer 1985 Platinum Records (# 24027) Germany (Thanks Phil Saviano)

This vinyl LP contains 8 cuts pulled from Judy’s True Stories and Other Dreams album. The remarkable thing about this is the cover. It’s a color photo of Judy with guitar. The photographer is not credited, but it looks circa 1968, and Judy seems to be wearing the same white lace dress that she wore on the inside of the Who Knows Where the Time Goes album. The cover is varnished with a clear gloss, as they did in Europe in the 70s and 80s.

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