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This is a listing of videos and video appearances. Items are added to this list in a hit-or-miss fashion as I find out about them. No catalog numbers are included as the list is too dynamic.

The Inheritance 1963 Produced by Harold Mayer

Judy sings the theme song about freedom. The theme is that freedom is hard won and we have to work and fight for it. The poem was written by Millard Lampell and set to music by George Kleinsinger. Copies of the video are available for $79 + $5 S&H from:

Harold Mayer Productions
50 Ferris Estates·
New Milford, CT 06776

Does anyone have any further information on this. I've received sketchy information from Rich Roehrdanz

"Back in the early 60's, I remember seeing a 30 min Christmas special with Judy and Chad Mitchell. It ran late at night where I was at the time for a couple years and then disappeared. I know nothing of the network, if any, that sponsored it. It may have been Public Broadcasting."

Judy Collins Live 1965 (ca) Central Sun R-261 -- NEW Purchase Info 4-26-98/5-13-98

This is a release of an original mid-'60's Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger black-and-white video tape. Originally produced for Public Television but because of the blacklisting of Pete Seeger these shows did not get much airplay. Originally published by Central Sun Video, P.O. Box 859, Mt. Desert, ME. 04660 but they have DROPPED it. A few appear to be available from Elderly Instruments. When these supplies are gone, there will be no more.

Newport Folk Festival, The Movie 1965 (ca)

This is a feature movie that was filmed at the Newport Folk Festivals in the early '60's and includes Baez, Dylan, and a little bit of Judy.

ABC TV News Special: The Road to Julian (1972?)

Judy sang several of her compositons for the soundtrack of this 30-minute news special about the towns of Julian and Pine Valley in southern California, mountain communities that were besieged by forest fires. Judy’s songs, which were woven around the narrative, include the title song, “The Road to Julian,” an upbeat country ballad, and “Open The Door,” both done with a rousing background chorus, piano, drums and Donnie Books on harmonica. The program also includes “Since You’ve Asked” and “Easy Times.” These recordings were never released, but Phil and Richard imagine they exist somewhere in the ABC News vaults.

Antonia, Portrait of the Woman 1973

This film, produced by Judy, was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary and named one of the top ten films by Time magazine. Co-produced by Jill Godmillow. The cameraman was Coulter Watt, and audio by Jerry Bruck.

This helped Antonia Brico, Judy's childhood piano teacher, have a resurgence in her career after the film was released. For many years, Dr. Brico was not offered the highly-visible conducting positions she was qualified for simply because she was a woman.

This film will bring a tear to the eye of even the most hard-hearted individual. It is truly magnificent! This proves once again that Judy is truly a woman of many talents!

This wonderful film is available as a VHS Videotape
from Direct Cinema Limited
for $34.95+$5 S&H for individuals
and $95.00 + $5 S&H for groups or educational institutions
You may also try
PO Box 10003
Santa Monica, CA 90410
but they did not respond to one fan's letter. Phoning is probably better.

Saturday Night Live - 1979 Feb 17

This episode is part of the Comedy Central Cable Channel's rerun package

Judy Collins In Concert at Hamilton Place - 1980 PBS Special

This PBS special has never been released on VHS or Laserdisk. Hamilton Place Orchestra and some other wonderful musicians including Lou Volpe, guitar; Warren Oades, drums; and Ken Bichell, piano and music director.

Sing Out San Francisco - March 7/8 1988 from Davies Symphony Hall

The March 7th performance was taped and the March 8th performance was broadcast live over KQED. This is a sing-along.The Conservatory orchestra was conducted by Leo Eylar. Additional guests included Bobby McFerrin, John Stewart, Nick Reynolds, Val Diamond, Ronnie Gilbert

Before everyone emails me about this, I have a marginal copy on VHS and I don't think this is available for sale. If anyone knows of it for sale, please let me know.

The Folk Music Reunion - hosted by the Kingston Trio w/ Mary Travers, Tom Paxton, John Sebastian on JCI video 1988.

Judy does 3 songs (Send in the Clowns, It's GonnaBe One Of Those Nights, and Drink a Round to Ireland) and joins the encore.

Although this was released on home video in 1988, after viewing the Judy Collins segment it certainly looks as if it was part of a tour in support of the album Times of Our Lives which would place the actual recording in the 1982-1984 timeframe.

Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen video from the BBC program on SMV video in 1988

Judy is interviewed.

Baby's Morningtime (many selections (but not all) from CD (HCA220)) 1990 (ca) WEA K43

Available from Lightyear Entertainment in New York City 212/563-4610.

Baby's Bedtime (many selections (but not all) from CD (HCA210)) 1990 (ca) WEA K44

Available from Lightyear Entertainment in New York City 212/563-4610.

Singing Time (Re-release of Baby's Morningtime w/ new cover art) 1990 (ca) WEA K283

Available from Lightyear Entertainment in New York City 212/563-4610.

Bedtime (Re-release of Baby's Bedtime w/ new cover art) 1990 (ca) WEA K286

Available from Lightyear Entertainment in New York City 212/563-4610.

Super Live Special (Japanese Import) LR 3073G Laserdisk only
Live at the Forum - another name for this when it was broadcast

Taped in Toronto in 1980

Partial Track Listing:

Going Home (Disney Special) - 1990 (ca)

This is filmed at the Wheeler Opera House in Colorado and has some scenes of Judy and her family as well as the concert. Kris Kristofferson joins Judy on a few songs.

A&E The Inside Track - ca 1991

Hosted by Graham Nash with a guest appearance by Stephen Stills. This is an hour show that has some great interview segments with Judy.

The Best Of Judy Collins 1993

Distributed by CVM, 60 Cutter Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11021 - 800-530-8035 - Fax: 516/482-0097 - Web Ordering

Song Of The Seas produced by WMHT ca 1994 - never released in video format

This was a special with Tommy Makem and his sons. The special guest was Judy Collins. Unfortunately no agreement could be reached for the release of this as a video.

Amazing Grace (History) From PBS Special with Bill Moyers 1994

In this 90-minute video, Bill Moyers explores the meaning of this popular hymn with Jessye Norman, Johnny Cash, Jean Ritchie, and the Boy's Choir Of Harlem. Judy sings Amazing Grace in St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia University where she made the original recording for the album Whales and Nightingales (HCA090) in 1970. Judy also talks about how this song carried her through the depths of her alcoholism. A must-have!

Released by Newbridge Communications 800/257-5126 or 609/275-1400

Christy - Episode 015 - "Green Apples" - 1995 July 5

Judy Collins was nominated for an Emmy award for her acting as Hattie McCabe in this episode.

In addition, Judy appeared in the following episodes. Check out the online Christy resource site.

Rock n Roll President - June 1997 - Hosted by Carly Simon - VH1

In addition to an interview, they showed some concert footage of Judy performing Chelsea Morning with the guitar, and Clinton praised her for that song and the Colors of the Day and Wildflowers albums.

Memorial Service for TWA Flight 800 -- July 17, 1997

I did not see this, but it was reported to me that Judy was seen on newscasts singing "Amazing Grace" at a Memorial Service on the first anniversary of the mid-air explosion of TWA Flight 800. All aboard were killed in this tragedy. The service apparently was conducted on the beach near the site of the disaster.

News Clips after John Denver's death - October 1997

Judy was seen prominently in clips with John Denver and was interviewed a few times about her friend. At her concert that I attended shortly after his death she dedicated the "Jet Plane/Country Roads" medley "to the memory of a good friend."

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