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Tape Timing Chart

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This Tape Timing Chart is approximate. Most reels will contain a bit more tape than indicated time implies, typically about 6%. The footage is actual.

These timings are for one program. There can be as many as four mono programs on one 1/4-inch tape.

Note that the double and triple play tape is very fragile. We can transfer it, but there is greater risk that it has already been damaged. Note that the 1.5 mil tape is often referred to as “50-micron (µ)” and the 1.0 mil tape is often referred to as “35 µ.” The confusion arises with the thinnest tapes. Both double play and triple play tape use 0.5 mil base film and are so marked in the USA and other places using the “mil” designation. The metric designation (µ) refers to the total nominal thickness of the tape, so double play tape is 25 µ and triple play tape is 18 µ, clearly showing the thinner mag coat on triple play tape.

timing chart

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