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We do not process video tapes unless it’s in an audio-only format. Here are analog, digital, and digital multitrack examples of audio-only applications of video tapes. Below are some links to help with your video tape needs. As we run across it, we are providing some video information as it applies to archive work. After all, we still need to know how to repair our VCRs used to reproduce the audio-only formats.

Video Tapes have been used professionally and at a consumer level since Ampex’s introduction at the NAB show in 1956. For professional transfers, we suggest DC Video in California, DuArt in New York, and Restaumedia in Germany.

We have no personal experience with any of the consumer videotape transfer operations. We have received some good feedback about Movie Depot in Missouri.

Identifying Video Tapes: An excellent video tape theory and format reference is available at Tim Stoffel’s Web site.
Other resources include:

Suggested resources for various video formats:

  • 2″ inch quadruplex video tapes: DC Video in California
  • 1/2″ and 1/4″ early open reel and cassette video formats, including EIAJ: DC Video in California
  • VHS and other widely used cassette home video formats: Home Movie Depot in Missouri
  • Other reel and cassette professional formats: DC Video in California
  • Type A 1″ video tape (Ampex): DC Video in California, Don Norwood in North Carolina
  • Film and videotape transfers for archives and useful tools: Scene Savers, Cincinnati

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