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Dark Chords on a Big Guitar
NEW 2003

In My Time of Need - Hi Bandwidth Real Audio
In My Time of Need - Low Bandwidth Real Audio

Joan Baez Dark Chords on a Big Guitar Bio as a Word document

While I enjoy getting email about Joan,
I find that I don't have the answers
to many of the really hard questions you ask.
Since I will end up forwarding them to Jim Stewart anyway,
you might as well ask him directly at!

Joan has, for many years, been a supporter of Amnesty International. Please consider supporting Amnesty International USA, 322 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10001. Mark any contributions as relating to Joan's music.

Nancy Lutzow and Jim Stewart have done a wonderful job of compiling an official discography at The Joan Baez Web Pages. What is presented here is some further information gleaned from and produced by a variety of Joan Baez fans that expand upon what is already at the official web site.

An interesting find

An 7-inch lacquer original (not pressed) single containing a duet between Joan and Judy Collins surfaced in a used record store. See my comments on Judy's page.

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