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We provide high-quality transfers/copies
even from hard-to-play tapes.

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Please read this page carefully!

This page contains:
Legal Information
Shipping Information
Customs Information
Packing Information
How we ship material to our clients

Legal Information:

In sending a tape to Richard L. Hess, you agree to all of the following:


In sending a recording to Richard L. Hess for transfer you warrant that you have adequate rights to have this copy made and that you will hold Richard L. Hess harmless for any legal action or proceeding arising out of this copying.

If you are an institutional (library, archive, etc.) or an industry (record label, musician, etc.) client, it is presumed that you have researched the copyright and that creating the copy is legal.

If you are a private client, and this is a commercially released recording, live concert recording, or off-air radio or TV recording, unless your name or the name of a relative or an ancestor appears on the label, jacket, or liner notes of the recording, or is said on the recording, or you have a permission letter from the entity now owning the item, the work will be refused and returned to you at your expense.

Forensic / Legal recordings

We do not accept nor process tapes that could potentially be involved in legal proceedings, nor am I available for "expert witness" testimony. We would suggest that you look here for a partial list of people who are doing this type of work.


Shipping any tape to Richard L. Hess is done solely at the risk of the tape owner. While Richard L. Hess uses the greatest care possible in handling your original tape and has developed procedures and business practices to safeguard your tapes, we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to your original. In no case shall Richard L. Hess be liable for any amount greater than the services fees already paid by the client to Richard L. Hess.

Dispute resolution and jurisdiction

If a dispute should arise, we hope that the dispute can be settled amicably, but if such settlement cannot be reached, then this dispute shall be brought to Mediation, Arbitration, or a Court of Law (as the case may require and in that order of preference) in and governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada.


Unless modified by prior arrangement, shipping a tape to Richard L. Hess acknowledges that you agree to pay for the services rendered in a prompt manner upon presentation of an invoice via email. All prices quoted are estimates unless acknowledged as "fixed price" or "not to exceed".

Note that for most private customers, especially on their first order, we request payment in advance via cheque mailed with the tape. For a full list of payment methods, please see this page.

updated 2017-06-08

Shipping Information

Shipping tapes to Richard

We suggest FedEx EXPRESS (the original, air-express part of the company) for incoming shipments where the greatest safety of the original tape is paramount. UPS AIR and DHL AIR services (not ground) are also acceptable.

Mail has also proven very reliable, but takes much longer. Please choose a mailing option that offers a tracking number. While you won't see as many step-by-step reports as with FedEx Express, it is still good to have.

Please declare tapes at $1 each. If this instruction is not followed, you may incur additional charges. The carrier will not reimburse anything more than the value of the raw tape.

The best insurance in shipping multiple tapes is to divide the shipment into two or more packages and ship on different days.

Ship to

Richard L. Hess
6-14845 Yonge Street, Suite 124
Aurora, ON   L4G 6H8

(647) 479-2800

Please make checks payable to
Richard L. Hess

Shipping advice email

When you ship us a tape, please send us an email including your full contact information:
    — name
    — shipping address
    — telephone numbers and best times to call each (I may work evenings and weekends)

Click here to email me.

Customs Information

Description for customs: Old audio tapes for restoration (will be returned)

Value for customs and carriage: $1 per tape

Harmonized Tariff Codes (please select the most appropriate one)

Tapes under 4 mm in width relating to
    current events (including family)

Tapes under 4 mm in width

All tapes 1/4-inch in width

All tapes 1/2-inch or 1-inch in width

Optical media with sound recordings

All other optical media

1/2-inch cassette tapes (PCM-F1)

Instrumentation tapes (non-audio or
  video recordings)

Updated 2017-06-08

Packing information:

(1) Please make sure that the ends of the tapes are secured. Of the commonly available tapes, Scotch removable tape 811 (blue box) is preferred. Tape the end to the outside flange of the reel see here.

(2) Please ship reels in boxes if you have them, or wrap them in paper. Please ship cassettes in boxes if at all possible. If you must ship loose cassettes, fold up some paper and put it through the hubs to keep the hubs from rotating (the boxes do this). Cassettes that are playable should be wound to one hub or the other, especially if they are not in the standard protective box.

(3) Please do not use plastic/styrofoam peanuts: it's bad for the tapes (they generate static) and they fly all over the place when the boxes are opened. Please use bubble wrap or other similar padding such as flexible closed cell foam sheets.

(4) Please do not use any packing material that creates dust like shredded paper.

(5) We recently had some equipment come in which had been packed in old foam rubber. This is the second time we've seen shipment turning the foam to acidic goo. Please do NOT use old foam rubber, it is too great a risk.

(6) If any tapes are moldy or excessively dirty, please discuss this with Richard L. Hess before sending the tape, and please enclose the tape in a heavy duty lockable freezer-type food storage bag and mark the outside of the bag "moldy tape," or "dirty tape-requires cleaning." There is a surcharge for processing moldy and excessively dirty tapes as we cannot play them without cleaning them first.

(7) Please do not send large or heavy boxes. The best size box for shipping most tapes is 12x12x12 inches (310x310x310 mm) and should weigh under 20 kg (44 lbs). Multiple boxes are preferred to a single heavier box. Obviously, 12-inch and larger reels will need to be shipped in larger boxes, but a full 16x16x16 box may be too heavy. In this case, we prefer 16x16x10 (approx) boxes. We cannot deal with large, heavy boxes. (The record so far is 197 lbs in one box on a pallet, which caused great consternation and cost several gratuities--and the pallet would not fit through the door of our receiving department. Please don't do this. We do not have a loading dock.)

Updated 2017-06-08

How we ship material to our clients

Since all of our work is backed up on our servers and is not deleted until we are sure that you are satisfied with the project, unless arrangements are made otherwise, we return all materials via Canada Post "Expedited Parcel" which takes about ten business days to arrive in California. Slightly less to closer locations.

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